As you may have seen from the 10 Reasons Poster, there are a number of agencies out there not using Therap because they don’t trust their staff, want to be able to change dates (a bit like GMail allows you to) and want to be able to deny accountability.

To attract these fine folks, we are making a special release with the following features:

Auto Documentation
No need to worry about your staff writing embarrassing things, no need to train them on documentation. Using our new Dynamic Online New Technology text generator, you can automatically complete T-Logs for every shift for every day (we’ll take the staff’s name for Staff Scheduling and create the documentation you always wanted them to write). No more citations for missing data, no spelling mistakes – ever!

Need to show progress? We guarantee It!
Applying the DONT tools to ISPs and Behavior plans means that you can guarantee that Behavior Graphs will trend downwards and ISPs up, and you never have to let your staff near a computer!

Need to Deny Something, just click the button
next to the “I have read button” you will now see a “Deny” button. This will make sure that your name is never associated with this form, in fact it will be marked “John Smith has never seen this”. No worries next time an investigation comes up!

:: Justin ::