Today was our final game of the season for the Wolcott Warriors U-11 Boys and they did a great job beating Morris 3-1. This made up for the awful game we played last week when we lost to the same team 2-0. This week despite being down a few keys players, the boys were full of energy and drive and got the result they deserved. It was particularly nice that one player who started the season by breaking his arm at practice ended it by scoring our final goal.

While we were busying winning, Scotland drew (that would be the same as a tie) 1-1 with the US at Hampden thanks to a goal from Hearts Andy Webster. It was only a friendly and I haven’t seen it listed on TV anywhere, I was hoping to get to watch!

This evening I was at a benefit for another one of my players who has been sidelined most of the year with Stevens Johnson Syndrome. He actually made it down to watch the game today which was great, the last few times i had seen him in hospital he looked in pretty rough shape. It was amazing to see how many people turned up for the benefit (and how much pizza they ate!). It’s nice to see the good side of humanity once in a while!

— Justin