Yeah, my first blog ever! Ok, so we finally made it to Oregon after a long day of bumped flights yesterday! Sazzad and I got to the hotel at 8p, Oregon time, w/ the help of our handy dandy GPS system (only got lost once). Thank you, Justin, for suggesting it!
Despite the neon green exterior of our hotel, the inside is really nice and we both were well rested for our visit to Shangri-La Corporation today. We met with a handful of very nice people throughout the morning and into the afternoon. The morning started off w/ a good McD’s breakfast, and with the help of our resident billing/supported employment expert, Jim Kelly, via web conference. Sazzad and I also got a chance to talk about some new 7.0 features, and got some great insight and feedback from Ginger and Tracy.
Ginger also shared with us some information about a program they have for people who are in prison and who have developmental disabilities. Their staff actually go to the prisons and teach them life skills to help them with a fresh start when they get out. I found this very interesting, as I hadn’t heard of a program like this before. Very cool.
Tomorrow we go to visit with the gang at OSLP, but for now we are on a search for good Oregon seafood!

Signing out-Kara :)