Over the rainbow

It was a bit gloomy today in Oregon, but due to the occasional shower, Sazzad and I got to see a beautiful rainbow during our travels. It was funny, because if our GPS buddy hadn’t led us astray, we would have never turned around and caught sight of it.
After a nice photo-op, we continued on our therap journey and met with great people, who we had first met at the recent DSP conference. It’s been really great getting to reconnect with many of these people. Sazzad and I started off by meeting with Sheena and the team at Community Support Services, and ended the day by meeting w/ Sarah, Flory, Aaron and Mike from Partnerships in Community Living. After much talk of Therap and taking note of some great feedback, the PCL team, Sazzad and I ended the evening with a great dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant. Therap, tacos, and good company, what more could you want from a day?! :)

Signing off—-Kara