Today OTAC staff kick off a round of gathering feedback from ISP process users who have tested the draft Oregon ISP in Therap.We want to hear your feedback. Have you tried the draft Oregon Comprehensive ISP in Therap? Share your feedback with us.

An Informational Memorandum was distributed by SPD in August explaining that Therap customers may now access the Oregon ISP in Therap to review it and offer feedback. Some Therap customers are applying for a variance to implement the ISP generated in Therap with some individuals they support.

Questions and Answers about Oregon ISP in Therap
How can I learn more about the Oregon Comprehensive ISP in Therap?

For a discussion of what is available and a walk-through of the forms that have been developed, watch the recording of our demonstration webinar that was held earlier this month.Can I implement an ISP that was created in Therap?
Yes, if your organization has received an approved variance. If you have a question about how to apply for a variance, please contact your CDDP Services Coordinator.

I’m not a Therap customer. How can I get a demo account to try Therap?
Visit the therap website at and click the “Request Demo” link in the upper right corner.

I’m a Therap customer but I can’t see the Oregon ISP. What do I do?
Talk to your organization’s Therap administrator.

How can I give feedback about my experience with the draft Oregon ISP in Therap?

Please complete the short survey we announced in this newsletter. You may also send our team an email to share additional thoughts.If the ISP is on Therap, will licensing require a hardcopy ISP in the person’s file?

Providers must always have access to all approved ISP materials. If an approved document is stored in Therap and a variance has been obtained (for the ISP), the licensing unit will review materials within Therap. Anything that is not stored in Therap must be stored in some other manner that is accessible to the licensing unit for review.If your organization is not yet using Therap and you would like more information about how licensing reviews can work as a Therap customer, please discuss with your licenser or give us a call to chat.

When will other ISP forms be developed in Therap?
Therap staff have indicated that their developers are working on the PFW and the RTR. We do not have a firm timeline for release of those forms yet. We will keep you posted as we learn more!

If you have any other questions about the Oregon Comprehensive ISP in Therap, please contact us!