We have published the latest version on our schedule for the Provider Admin Conference in Fishkill next week (there’s also a version on a white background to save you some ink!).

There will probably be some last minute changes, so be sure to pick up the final version when you arrive on Monday or Tuesday.

It is absolutely worth taking a few minutes to read through all the sessions and work out what your path will be through the conference.  If you have questions, we’d be happy to sit down and make some suggestions.

You should also think about who you would like to meet with.  Things like “I would like to talk with the person who designs T-Girl”, or “I would like to sit down with the developer for MARS”, or “I would like to meet with a Therap customer for an agency similar to mine” are all great requests that we would like to help you with.  Be sure to stop by the Help desk to ask.

We’ll also be coming out with a few sample paths to follow a particular topic through the conference.

:: Justin ::