We’ve been talking and experimenting for quite some time with alternate interfaces to use with Therap. If you’ve talked to Warren any time in the last six months you’ve probably heard him talk about T-Sync and then veer off on some wild tangent.

Well I have just finished playing with the latest prototype of T-Sync and it’s very, very exciting.

Screenshot of T-Sync

Basically the idea is that you get a timeline, which you can zoom in or out on anywhere down to 15 minute blocks so that you can see what has been entered already or choose something from the list on the left to enter.

The you can drag over a period of time if it is something that requires a period of time:

Screenshot of T-Sync 'Select an Option'

Or just click on a time where that is all that is required.

Then there is a little button you can click on to add more details (the medication in this example).

Screenshot of Select an Option with More Details

If you want to look at bigger versions of these screenshots, just click on them. We’ll be putting up a “working” version of this soon in the Usability Garage and then working towards actually getting a beta version into the application so that you can try it out for real.

Great work by Tanm and his team

:: Justin ::