Calum and I have spent the last few weeks starting to get used to working in a Linux environment. We’re getting there slowly, and so far the experience is pretty positive.

This all started because between the two of us we killed the aging desktop that we were using as a family computer. At the same time we wanted to move said computer out of the basement to make more room for the table tennis table (on which I am still unbeaten!). I couldn’t see Calum having a computer in his room that he sat and played games on all day (and neither could Iona!) so I came up with the compromise that if it was a Linux machine that he was learning useful things on then he could.

Our choice of flavor was Ubuntu (7.04 Fiesty Fawn to be precise). Installing it was a veritable piece of cake and it does work remarkably well and cleanly right off the CD (which of course was wonderfully free!).

Ubuntu comes with a whole bunch of Open Source software included such as Open Office and much more is very easily downloaded and installed with just a few clicks.

I did have a couple of adventures getting it onto my wireless network, but that’s all done now – so Therap works a treat (Firefox 2.0 is the standard browser on Ubuntu.)

We even done some clever stuff running Windows programs using WINE.

Hopefully over the coming weeks and months we’ll learn some more that we’ll be able to share!

:: Justin ::