On Saturday I will be heading off with 8 teenagers and 6 adults from St
Paul’s church in Southington, Connecticut on a pilgrimage to the
Cathedral of the Isles in Millport on the Island of Cubrae just off the
west coast of Scotland (Note that even Google couldn’t get a satelite photo without clouds!).

Here’s another website about where we will be staying
We will spend a week there under the leadership of Sister BJ Brown of the Anamchara Fellowship of Newark, Delaware.

We will be flying into Glasgow Airport (safe now thanks to John Smeaton) arriving early on Sunday morning (having left Newark, NJ on Saturday evening).

During the week I will be posting updates on here so that friends and family back in the states can keep track of what we are up to.

We’re going to spend the final weekend in Edinburgh (my hometown) including tea with my folks. Then Iona and I will put everyone on a plane back to Newark from Edinburgh and stay (with Calum) for another week in Edinburgh.

To folks who read normally, I hope you enjoy the change of pace, to newcomers, welcome to Therapville!

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