Therap Services Announces Release 7.1 for the Developmental Disability Community

Waterbury, Connecticut, November 15, 2007

(released via PR Newswire)

Therap Services announces the release of version 7.1 of its
integrated suite of documentation, communication and reporting
applications. Therap version 7.1 will feature a new module, the
Individualized Plan of Protective Oversight and Safeguards and new
enhancements to existing Therap modules such as Quarterly Nursing
Reports in the Health Tracking module.

The Individualized Plan of Protective Oversight and Safeguards
(IPOP) module is a new addition to Therap applications and consists of
generalized and residential information that is usually referenced in
the Safeguards section of an Individual Plan. Safeguards are also
required to be included with Individual Service Plans to ensure that
when risks are taken they are done so consciously and with a view to
considering the person’s best interests. The Therap IPOP takes a
questionnaire based approach to record both general and residential
information needs.

The Quarterly Nursing Report is a new addition to the Health
Tracking module that summarizes a particular individual’s approved data
from their Individual Data Form, General Event Reports and also from
Health Tracking material such as medication history, appointments, lab
test results, seizures and height/weight.

Enhancements have also been made to the following modules:

General Event Reports (GER):

  • The Therap GER Portable Document Format (PDF) version now supports the Delaware state requirements.
  • The Initial Incident Report form and the Incident Follow-Up Report
    from New Jersey’s Department of Human Services have been added for the
    New Jersey users.
  • The New York incident reporting forms and PDFs have been updated to
    include the revised OMR 147 form and the new OMR 148 Reports on
    Actions Taken.
  • Provisions have been made to include the Provider’s logo on all pages of the GER PDF.

Individual Service Plan (ISP/IPP):

  • The ISP Acknowledgement Report shows when and who acknowledged, approved, updated or discontinued an ISP.
  • Scoring methods that are no longer required can be discontinued from the list of Provider Administrators.
  • The ISP Program and ISP Data search screen now allows you to search by the ISP name.
  • Scoring methods can now be defined from within the ISP Template Library.
  • A new interface to create multiple tasks and teaching methods has been added to make the process easier and faster in ISP Programs and ISP Templates.
  • Any changes made to ISP Data can now be archived.
  • The ISP Data grid has been enhanced so as to allow faster data entry.
  • The duration of the reports can now be customized and continuous comments and recommendations can be added on saved reports.


  • Users can now specify a unit of measure, rounding algorithm and
    smallest allowed increment to be used for automatic billing unit
    calculation for a particular service.
  • Provider Administrators can now setup different Cost Center types for the agency.
  • Provider Administrators will be able to specify the default settings for generation of notifications for Service Authorizations.
  • Provider Administrators can customize billing invoices with a chosen header, title and footer.
  • A printable monthly Attendance Report (PDF) can be generated from the Attendance record
  • A new Transaction Record has been added, using which users will be able to search for claims that have been sent in a particular
    transaction along with their current status.

Individual Data Forms (IDF):

  • The Medical contact section of the IDF module has been redesigned so that users are no longer restricted to one of each type (i.e. Physician, Dentist, Hospital and Pharmacy)
  • The ‘Adaptive Level’ field has been removed and its existing values, have been migrated to the Developmental Disability Field
  • Blood type has been added as new field in the medical section of the IDF
  • Provider administrators can now generate individual contact reports containing details of all individuals’ contacts

Enhancements have also been made to T-Tasks, Staff Scheduling and
Provider Administrator mode. Details of enhancements of each module can
be found from

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Therap Services provides secure, cost-effective information,
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family members to improve the quality of life for people with
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