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Graphic announcing the release of Therap version 7.3

Waterbury, Connecticut, June 15, 2008

Therap Services announces the release of version 7.3 of its integrated suite of documentation, communication and reporting applications. The system is now up and running with its latest features and enhancements.

Major updates in version 7.3 include:

ISP Plan

* A new ISP Plan module has been introduced for New York providers. It can also be used by providers in other states with the appropriate ISP Plan roles.
* The ISP Plan module can be used to document information such as ‘Person’s Valued Outcomes’, ‘Natural Supports and Community Resources’, ‘Medicaid State Plan Services’, and ‘HCB Waiver Service Summary’ among other information.
* It automatically shows the individual’s contacts and shared contacts from the approved IDF module as well as all approved IPOPs of the individual.
* External files can be attached, and review comments can also be added after the form has been approved.

General Event Reports (GER)

* The GER module now supports the following APD forms for Florida: Agency for persons with disabilities – Incident Reporting Form and Agency for persons with disabilities – Follow-Up Measures Taken.
* Multiple files can now be attached to GERs by users with GER Submit, Review, and Approve roles. Users can see information such as the file description, date of attachment and the name of the person who attached the file. The total size for all attachments can be maximum 10 MB. When files are removed it is recorded in the Activity Tracking module for Provider Administrators.
* The GER PDF form now shows the Individual Name, Medicaid Number, Date of Birth or the Social Security Number at the top of the PDF form, when set by the Provider Administrator.

Health Tracking

* The latest addition to the Health Tracking module is the Review section. This section contains a list of all the Health Tracking forms that have been recently added or updated in the last 7 days. You will no longer need to search for Health Tracking forms to track what changes have been made. All the recent changes to the Health Tracking forms can be accessed from the Review section. The forms will be removed from this list as soon as it has been reviewed by a user. Any user with the HT Review role will get access to this section.
* The Health Tracking forms will now have a Reviewer List link that will show a list of users who have reviewed the form.
* You can now attach multiple files to Appointments and Lab Test Result forms. The total size of all attachments for both the forms can be maximum 10 MB. When files are removed it is recorded in the Activity Tracking module for Provider Administrators.

Individual Data Form / Emergency Data Form (IDF/EDF)

* Shared Contact is no longer a required field, and IDFs can now be saved without having a shared contact.
* Users will now get the option to add comments for each contact.
* Medicare Section is no more required when Medicare Number is specified.
* Individual Plan of Protective Oversight and Safeguards (IPOP)
* Users with the IDF Update role are now able to Update or Discontinue approved IPOPs only. They can no longer create new forms or view draft forms.

Management Summaries

* When generating the Event Summaries report, you can now select more than 10 columns if needed. In doing so, you will get a confirmation message that your request has been received and within the next 24 hours you will get the report via SComm. The SComm message will contain a link to the report, clicking on which will open the report in Excel. The report will be available for 2 weeks from the day it was requested.

A complete list of enhancements for version 7.3 can be found at https://www.therapservices.net/release_7.3.html

About Therap Services

Therap Services provides secure, cost-effective information, documentation and communications services tailored to the specific needs of service providers, health professionals, regulators, and family members to improve the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities. Therap’s complete suite of applications includes Health Tracking, Individual and Emergency Data Forms, Individual Service Plans, Behavior Plans and Tracking, T-Logs, T-Notes, Incident Reports, Management Summaries, Witness Reports, Supported Employment Tracking, Calendar, Secure Communications, Staff Scheduling, Training Management System, Attendance and Electronic Billing. For further information, please visit https://www.therapservices.net.