General Event Reports in Therap 6.1

Over the weekend I am hoping to show you a bunch of new features that will be in the next release of Therap (Release 6.1).

For starters, let’s take a look at GER. From the screenshot here (if you click on it you’ll see a bigger version and a bunch more in Flickr). you can see some of the enhancements.

Add in program address: just by clicking on the check box you can include the program address as the location of the incident.

Review events from the body of the form. In 6.1, rather than having to open a pop up to review the details of an event, you can look at them (or hide them) right on the form.

New “add event” buttons. To make selecting an event to add easier and quicker, we’ve added a button for each event type.

State information (including for the new Arizona form) is handled in a similar manner to the event pop-up.

If you have any questions about these features or would like a walk through, please let me know.

:: Justin ::