We completed a delightful few days in Missoula, Montana by climbing up to see the “M” set in the hill above the University of Montana. Apart from the fact that it was a tad tiring, it was a great walk rewarded by tremendous views:

I really do like it here in Missoula, it’s a nice size town, big enough to have what you need, but you are out of it and into spectacular scenery in no time, the weather is great – nice and hot, but no humidity and the people are really nice. This would obviously include the customers I was meeting with at Opportunity Resources and MDSC and the folks we bumped into around (a very bicycle friendly) town.

Now it’s off to Wyoming to see Yellowstone and Devil’s Tower. I may be less in touch than I have been (depending on cell-phone and internet availability) we’ll just have to see.

:: Justin ::

P.S. See, I did make it up!