Therap Services is pleased to announce that we are sponsoring a conference (February 7-9, 2006) for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), who actively use Therap applications for day to day reporting and documentation. The conference theme is “Putting the P in DSP”.

The primary goals of the conference are to build the skills of selected DSPs through intensive interaction with Therap and DSPs from other agencies and to improve Therap applications and support. The conference was conceived through exchange of ideas with several users and has continued to grow with ongoing user input.

All attendees should have significant experience with the Therap system, including knowledge of how their agencies use Therap. They should also have the enthusiasm to learn and build best practices using Therap and the ability to bring the experience back to improve their Agency’s day to day operations. The attached document provides more information about these requirements.

Agencies may send one or two DSPs to the conference. If an agency sends two DSPs–one of them can be a front line supervisor provided that the individual has direct support responsibilities as well.

Starting on approximately November 15, 2006, each attendee will participate in projects and assignments, preparing for the conference. These will include viewing training materials online, creating demonstration information in Therap, and working with respective Provider Administrators to understand agency policies regarding Therap. These assignments should take less than 1 hour per week.

Therap will provide food and lodging for the attendees after they reach the conference hotel, the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Southbury, CT. Provider agencies will be responsible for transportation to and from the conference.

Attendance at the conference is limited. If we receive a valid enrollment prior to October 30, 2006, you are guaranteed a slot. After October 30th, slots will depend on the availability of lodging and space.

Please note that only agencies actively using Therap and who have paid their invoice by November 15, 2006 are eligible to participate. Several agencies have already signed up their staff in the discussions. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

We welcome all thoughts and suggestions to make this conference a success and look forward to working with you.

:: Justin ::