It’s amazing how much I love and appreciate good customer support!   This week’s prize (if there was one) goes to the fine folks at the Waterbury, Connecticut Wireless Zone, in particular Kathy.  They have always been supportive and helpful with my cell phone issues, and yesterday when my Treo 700p’s headphone socket died I stopped in to see what could be done.

Kathy contacted Verizon customer support to get them to ship out a new phone and in the meantime switched my account over to a 700wx to last me until the new one comes in.

On the face of it, nothing wild, but how often have service companies left you hanging with no service (no need to answer that).

The Windows Mobile Treo is a little strange for me to get used to, but so far not too horrendous.  I have to say, I do like the version of Internet Explorer included.

:: Justin ::