What a wild and wonderful week this was!

On Wednesday I presented to Surveyors and Quality Monitors from the State of Connecticut Department of Developmental Services.  This was a great group of people, many of whom had been out doing inspections at homes that use Therap and they wanted to learn more about what data was available to them and how they could get at it.  We went through a lot of the system and obviously understood the benefits that providers are getting from using Therap.  It is important to remember though that it is the providers responsibility to be able to know where the data is an present it.

On Thursday I made a very similar presentation to the ICF inspectors in Indiana.  A lot of similar questions to their colleagues in Connecticut.  One thing that I reminded them was that if during an inspection either the provider or the inspector needs help with Therap, don’t forget to click on “Live Help” or give us a call.

Thursday afternoon I made a quick run out to Muncie, Indiana to work with Hillcroft Services as they begin their implementation of Therap.  Good timing on their part as they will be able to send a bunch of folks to our conference in Indianapolis next month.  It was also good timing by me as I arrived in the middle of their chili cook off.  They were all delicious!

Then on Friday it was off to Herkimer, NY to present to NYSACRA‘s Northern Region.

Finally I sat in on a run through of the Angelbeat webinar that I was talking about earlier. It was rather cool and very interesting.  If you are looking to know more about Windows 7 or are thinking about deploying netbooks or thin clients you definitely want to sign up (it’s free!).  It’s also pretty cool when I am a technical consultant to Microsoft and Intel!

You can sign up here.

:: Justin ::