To continue with the theme of catching up, did you check out the release notes for the update that we published last weekend?

If not, here they are:

ISP Program

  • In the Static Document of the ISP Program, alignment of the new lines of each Task description will now be displayed correctly under the ‘Description’ area of the Task(s) section. 


  • For the scenario where the ‘Service Provider’ field of the ISP Data Collection page is not editable for an ISP Program and the selected Service Provider’s user account is inactive in the system, other users will then be able to update that ISP Program without receiving any error message.

ISP Report

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While generating the Programmatic Report for some particular tasks of an ISP Program, previously users were facing some difficulties with the report results as their selected tasks could not be selected properly in the Select Task/Score page for some versions of the web browsers. We have now resolved this issue and selected tasks will now be displayed properly in the report results. 

Billing Module Updates

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Institutional Claim’s Reconciliation Report

Users will be able to successfully sort the Institutional Claim’s Reconciliation Report with ‘Status’ as the parameter.

Updates for Users in Kansas

A single Billing Data will be generated for a particular Service Authorization in a week.

Live Help Enhancements

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While accessing the Live Help option users will now find a new section Can’t Login? at the top of the window. In this section users will find the information that if they forget their login details or face any other difficulties while trying to access Therap applications, they will need to to contact the Provider Administrator at their agency for their login credentials. 

Therap for States- for Users in North Dakota

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Overall Service Plan (OSP)

A new field Review of plan and progress towards outcomes: have been added under the Assessment Review section on the OSP form.

Users will now be able to add T-Notes to OSP forms. OSP forms that have not been ‘Approved’, ‘Discontinued’ or ‘Deleted’ or forms that are not with the ‘Active’ status will allow users to add ‘T-Notes’.