Therap 8.15 is packed with new and exciting features our users have been requesting. Following is a list of all the new modules and features that we are bringing to you on February 5, 2011!

Individual Data Form (IDF)

  • User’s can now search the IDF with more field such as SSN, medicaid number, medicare, Date of Birth etc.
  • The Medical Section of the IDF will link to the Diagnoses List of the Individual.

Screenshot of Diagnoses List

Individual Medical Information

Individual Medical Information section will now contain Individual’s Diagnosis record. Users may Add/Delete/Resolve Diagnoses of an Individual. The Medical section of the IDF will also have a link to the Diagnoses List.

Individual Home

This new module will allow a user to see find detailed information regarding an Individual, including latest updates on T-Logs and GERs created for them. Users can directly send ‘Individual Care’ type SComm messages, from the Individual Home. For details on this new module, please view the Individual Home User Guide.

Screenshot of Individual Home Page


Therap’s Billing Support modules have been updated with a number of new features. Some of the features are state specific where as others are common updates.

New features for FloridaDelawareColoradoWyoming and Kansas.

  • Added Daily Average Rate in Description Codes .
  • ‘Use Daily Average Rate’ option added in Billing Data for Florida users.

Screenshot of Automatic Unit Calculation From Time In/Time Out

  • Role changed for Denied Claim Report
  • The Total Authorized Amount for a service can now be calculated.

Screenshot of Service Page

  • Users can generate a Denied Claim Report for Professional Claims.

FirstPage View of 'Denied Claim' Link

Screenshot of 'Denied Claim Report' page Highlighting 'Generate Excel Report' Button

  • Multiple Service Description Codes can be selected for Professional Claims.

Screenshot of Claim Generator Search Section

  • The Partially Paid status has now been renamed to ‘Paid Adjusted’.
  • Users can now Send Professional Claims by Description Codes. Multiple Description Codes can be selected while sending Professional
  • We have added a new archive for Description Code Form changes.
  • A ‘Kansas Day Support’ feature has now been added for Kansas users.

FirstPage View of Attendance Section

Health Tracking

The Health Tracking module is now Individual based. This will make it easier to track Health Information of individuals and the workflow will be more consistent across all features of the Health Tracking module. Users will now be able to generate Reports and view health data for an Individual, based on their Access Privileges, irrespective of the program the Individual is enrolled in.

Screenshot showing how to Get General Information of an Individual from Health Tracking Module


  • Provider Administrators can now enable the Time-In and Time-Out feature for T-Logs with the agency.

Screenshot Highlighting Enable Time In/Time Out option in T-Log

  • If the Time-In and Time-Out feature is enabled. users can now specify the Time-In and Time-Out details inT-Logs.

Screenshot Highlighting Time In and Time Out in T-Log

Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool (eCHAT)

  • A new status, ‘Pending Approval’ has been added to e-CHAT. Once an e-CHAT has been completed, it will need to be Submitted. Users with the ‘Health Assessment Approve’ role, will then need to Approve the form for review.

Screenshot Highlighting Submit Button

  • Users will now get Counts under Worklist and Approve.

FirstPage View of Comprehensive Health Assessment

State Specific

State Accessible Individuals (for DE, MT, ND and NM)
  • Provider Administrators will now be able to mark individuals as ‘State Accessible’. Only ‘State Accessible’ individuals will appear in the ‘Individual List’ under the ‘Child Provider User Privilege’ section for State Provider Administrators. The ‘State Accessible’ option will need to be unchecked if the Individual is under Private Pay.

Screenshot of Administrative Info Section highlighting State Accessible Option

  • When an individual is marked as State Accessible or State Inaccessible, State Administrators and Provider Administrators will receive Notifications messages via SComm, Pager or Email as per their Notification settings.

Screenshot of SComm Inbox

AWACS number on Individual Data Forms (for users in Montana)

Users in Montana can now enter the AWACS number on an Individual’s IDF.

Screenshot of Identification Data Section Highlighting 'AWACS#'