MCI Search

We have updated the Master Control Index (MCI) search configuration for our users convenience. There can be a maximum of one hundred search results for the MCI Search and a minimum of no search result in the system.


We have enhanced the validation,alignment and printing related fields and positions in the Authorization for Therap in States.

User type: Central Office Staff

Only the Central Office Staff users have the necessary privileges to work with the Legacy documents. They can view and edit any documents corresponding to the Legacy.

Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)

We have added the option to attach files to the IFSP form. The size of the attachment can be of a maximum 3MB.

Individual Form

We have included the case re-open option in the Individual form.

Admin Note

We have removed three month’s data range limit for Admin Notes search option.

Progress Notes

We have enhanced the view of the Progress Notes in order to show complete Outcome.


We have enhanced the numerical order for Outcomes in QER.

Progress Notes

We have increased the size of comments box in Progress Notes.