Therap Services has just upgraded its online application system. This release of Version 5.2 has the following features:

Export to Excel for all searches
Most modules have a common looking search page which lets you search based on multiple criteria. You can now export the results of the search into an Excel spreadsheet. When you click on the new ‘Export to Excel’ link under the ‘New Search’ link towards the bottom of the search result (initial) page, the entire result set will be exported to an Excel file.

Export to Excel for T-Logs
When you export the T-Logs search result, you will get more than you can see! The description of the log entries will also be exported to Excel although this is not in the search result list that is displayed. This will meet the needs of the staff members/nurses who have to produce a monthly or quarterly medical or other log report.

Export to Excel for Health Tracking modules
The Export to Excel for Appointment Search is also special as the exported data contains the Comments and Address field values in addition to the other fields shown in the search result.

Likewise, the export feature of Seizure includes Description, Behavior After Seizure, Precipitating Factors, Resulting Injuries and Comments columns.

The Health Tracking Detailed Report can also be exported to Excel. Users have asked for a means to print all health data of an individual from one place, and this serves that purpose.

Health Tracking Update and Archives
When a user with HT Update role modifies any Health Tracking form, the old data is not lost. Instead, it is archived and those who have the HT Update role will be able to see the older versions of the HT forms. This means that when a user with the correct roles looks at a health tracking form, they will be able to see how many times it has been updated, when it was updated, what those updates were and who made them. No need to try and decipher initials or worry about people using white-out!

Incident Report PDF
The PDF version that prints the State Forms for Incident Reports has been enhanced for our Montana and New York users. The review comments are now appended to the end of the PDF. And the PDF files are editable so that user may type in additional information directly into the PDF.

Appointment fix
Follow-up appointments can now be added to approved Appointment forms. In addition, the module has been thoroughly revised and anomalies in the code have been ironed out.

T-Log modification
The individual dropdown in T-Logs is now a required field. A ‘None’ item has been added to the dropdown so that users may still create general (without individual) T-log entries. This minimizes the chance that a user will create a general T-Log entry unintentionally (that is, by forgetting to select an individual). Please note that T-logs that have none as the individual may not be shared across other programs in the provider.

IDF Validation
The admission date was a required field on the IDF. However, some Data Administrators reported that they did not have the exact date the individual registered with the agency/provider. So the (provider) admission date has been made optional and other validation checks have also been revised.

That sums up the major features for this version. We have included many ‘Export to Excel’s as this gives users much flexibility with the data – there are various sorting, filtering and graphing options within Excel that can be extremely useful to write reports or analyze trends. Therap Services Support and Training is offering a free class on Excel on Sep 30, 2005. For more information and to sign up for this or other classes, please visit our training calendar.

We hope that these upgrades will be helpful for you and your agency and look forward to having your comments and ideas on them.