Therap is ready to bring to you its first major release for the year. Version 7.2 of the Therap system is ready and its release is scheduled for Sat Feb 16, 2008.

Please note that as we update the system, the application will be unavailable from

10:00pm EST on Fri Feb 15,
to about 8:00am
EST on Sat Feb 16, 2008.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

Here is an outline of the major updates that you will find in Version 7.2:

  • Behavior Plan and Behavior Event Records are no longer linked. So adding behaviors or interventions when you create a Behavior Event Record will not automatically update the individual’s Behavior Plan.
  • A ‘Mark As Read and Go to Next’ button will make it faster for you to read your SComm messages.
  • The Therap Knowledgebase now has a News & Updates section that keeps you updated on latest events and issues of the Therap system. It also includes new filter options and lets you search the User Guide, FAQs, Blog and Forum sections.
  • You now have an option to send Therap Live Help chat transcripts to your SComm inbox.
  • The Individual Data Form and many other forms are now available in a newly designed PDF format, as PDFs are easier to print out.
  • In the Provider Preference section, Provider Administrators can choose to have an Individual’s Name, DOB, SSN and Medicaid Number to appear on the header of the PDFs available in the
    Individual Data Form, Individualized Plan of Protective Oversight and Safeguards, and Health Tracking modules.
  • We have also optimized most of our Excel exports (of Search results) so that it is easier for you to manipulate data as well as to print from Excel.
  • Validation and warning messages have been added so that you do not add recurring Calendar entries without intending to do so.

Health Tracking

  • An Immunization Form has been added to the Health Tracking (HT) module. There is one Immunization Form per individual, so these are not program-based like other HT modules. You may add past vaccination records, enter ongoing ones as well as schedule future vaccinations.
  • A Consultation Form has been added to the HT Appointments section that users can print out before taking an individual to a doctor’s visit.
  • All Health Tracking forms and reports now have an Export to PDF option.
  • ‘Elixir’ has been added as a Form in Section 2 of the Medication History.
  • When you generate a new Quarterly Nursing Report (QNR), you will now get columns for begin date, end date, discontinued date and comments for discontinued medications. Both approved and discontinued medications will be displayed in the Medication History section of QNR. Also, this section is now sorted according to begin date instead of entry date.


  • Providers in Florida now have the option to create both Electronic and Manual claims.
  • Providers in Florida can now generate Division of Vocational Rehabilitation PDFs from each claim form.
  • The Billing Provider can now be changed in Billable/Denied claims.
  • Multiple Custom PDF Invoices can be created for claims.
  • NPI number is now shown in the Billing Provider List and claim forms.
  • State is now shown in Funding Source List.
  • New fields have been added for Cost Centers:
    Program – Program Code, Program Cost Center Number
    Site – Site Code, Site Cost Center Number, and Site ID
  • A new warning message is now shown when adding billing data which is more than 12 months old. A warning message is also shown when billing data is added more than once on the same day for the same service.
  • A Service Provider can now be specified when entering billing data.
  • New search fields have been added to Billing Summary Report – Entered By, Service Provider. These fields are also available in the Output Column section of the Billing Summary Search page.

General Event Reports (GER)

  • The Reportable Event form for the Maine Department of Health and Human Services can now be generated using GER.
  • The Emergency Medical/Behavior Intervention Strategies Record (EMBIS) form for restraint events has been added to GER for Delaware users.
  • Access to Abuse and Neglect GERs are restricted by means of the Access to Abuse/Neglect GER flag in the User Profile that is controlled by the Provider Administrator. Initially no user will have this flag enabled. Only users who have this flag enabled will have access to GERs that are recording Abuse/Neglect.
  • A new date field has been added in the Medication Error section to accommodate cases where the initial error and error discovery are on different days.

Individual Service Plan

  • The ISP Acknowledgement Report now has a PDF printable version.
  • The Location field can now be made required for non-grid ISP programs.

Staff Scheduling

  • In Master Program Schedule, instead of error messages you will now see warning messages if a staff member is scheduled for more than 40 hours a week or more than 16 consecutive hours. You will have the option to ignore this warning message.
  • Unpaid Time is now deducted from 40 hours calculation in both Master Program Schedule and Weekly Program Schedule.

Management Summaries

  • All GER and BER fields have been added as output columns on the Event Summaries Search page.
  • Reports on user privilege and individual count have been included for our multi provider users.

Supported Employment

  • The Job Name column has been added to the Wage Records page in Time Tracking.
  • There is now a separate role for Job Rate Assignment.
  • Wage Calculation and Wage Record Update is now based on Effective Date of Wage Category.

Things to look forward to in 2008

New Website

The Therap website ( will be undergoing some significant changes: easier navigation, interactive interface and search capabilities are among a few of the improvements that users can look forward to on the new Therap site.

Therap Ideas

This is one more way to communicate with Therap and takes it a step further by letting you share your Therap experiences and opinions with users from other agencies. You can find out about the new features in Therap as well as discuss how other agencies are addressing various issues. You get to learn useful tips and tools that can help you get the most out of Therap.

If you have not already done so, please register at Therap Ideas .

Therap Conferences

Therap will host many more conferences this year, including a number of regional conferences. Attending these conferences give participants a chance to share their expertise and views with professionals working in the same field from different parts of the country. To learn more, please visit .

Therap’s Interactive Learning

Therap games are a fun way to learn about Therap and to discover various features of each of our modules. These are useful especially for those who prefer more visual ways of interaction. We currently have games for the GER, T–Log, ISP and Health Tracking modules and we are adding more every week. Try these out at Links

Send us your feedback

To contact us, use the Feedback link at the bottom of every application page or send an SComm message with Therap Customer Support chosen as the type. You can also email us directly at or call us at 203-596-7553. You may also chat with one of our Customer Support Representatives on Live Help.

As always, we look forward to your comments and suggestions. Feel free to contact us with your questions.

Thank you.


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