If you haven’t noticed, the last year or two has been rather hectic here in the Therapverse.  in fact I think you can pretty much go all the way back to 2003 and find it hectic all the way (and certainly since I came on board in 2005).

Having had quite so many releases recently have been great in terms of progress, but it also tends to add a certain amount of confusion for our expanding user base as well as increasing the chances of those releases not meeting the highest quality standards you we and you expect.

We are looking to bring a little more structure and stability to our release cycles in the future.

As a result of this, our next major system-wide release will be in January 2012 and we will look to schedule major releases at roughly six month intervals after that (there will probably be a release of North Dakota specific functionality before that).  This will allow for a full requirements > design > development > testing > acceptance > training schedule with our major releases.

At the same time we are going to update our release numbering scheme to reflect the year it is released in.  

This means that our next major release, due in January 2012 will be 2012.0

Any minor updates to that will be 2012.0.1, 2012.0.2, 2012.0.2, etc

Currently our plan is that the following major relase will be in June or July 2012 and would probably be 2012.1 (unless we need to something big in the middle).

We have already laid out most of what will be in 2012.0 and are working on designs (much, much more on this in the weeks to come)

At the same time we are thinking about 2012.1 and plan on being some really exciting concepts and designs to our Annual Conference in February.  Yet another reason not to miss it.

Any questions?

Drop me an email.

:: Justin ::