Screenshot of OMRDD ISP

As you can see from the screenshot above (as with the IPOP, we’re building the New York ISP first), we are working on developing a “real” ISP for release 7.3. This then leaves us with a bit of a problem, what should we call our current ISP module?

It will of course feed into the “new” ISP module, but what we have at the moment is really a generic, flexible, data collection thingy.

So, what we need now is a goovy new name (“generic, flexible, data collection thingy” won’t fit in the top of a First Page box!).

I’m sure there will be a prize if someone can come up with the name we choose (I just don’t know what it is yet), but what greater reward could there be than seeing your idea in action every day in Therap!

:; Justin ::