It is yet another sign of getting very, very old when your kids completely turn the tables on you.  For a few years now at Easter, I have hidden the kids’ Easter baskets and they have had to solve a bunch of clues around the house in order to find them (there has never been an Easter Bunny in our house).

So, today as I was wallowing in old age, rather than being handed a present or two, I was given the following:

1. If an infamous odor is what you fear / stay far away, you will sure find it here
2. Manners at meals are always a must / when this is crooked it causes a fuss
3. This jumping contraption is guaranteed kicks / check under something of dear Uncle Nick’s
4. Don’t feed this foul fowl when you’re at the beach / ‘tween lighthouse and warning she’s far out of reach
5. One one four two four four, if it wasn’t square / would just be a diamond, but that isn’t fair
6. Together your kids make a musical pair / but who plays the flute, and what’s up with his hair?
7. Photos of children are guaranteed hits / though there is no need for the matching outfits
8. It’s funny to watch technology age / before they could shrink it, this was all the rage
9. It’s cute when your kids make a splattery mess / and leave violet stains with outstanding success
10. His fashion sense can’t be outdone / but that still only counts as one
11. A scarecrow, a geyser, and Edinburgh Zoo / they know what’s in common, now tell us, do you?
12. A B C D, let it ring / man’s best friend sure knows how to sing
13. We thought we were cute, but we just can’t compare / but where are the pants in this beautiful pair?

It took me a while (and a few clues from Calum) but I eventually found the 13 Bananagrams tiles that had been hidden around the house and spelled out and instructions to check Facebook where I discovered that my presents were ready for me.


Here again, I was played at my own game.  For some time now Calum has been developing rather a groovy taste in music meaning that I could by him CDs that I wanted.  Guess what my gifts were!  Actually he did really well with them combining some old favourites that I didn’t have on CD (The Pogues, Thin Lizzy, Dire Straits) along with some stuff that was new to me (Social Distortion

[not completely new to me], Reel Big Fish [liking them a lot], and the 101ers [not the LOLers, but rather Joe Strummers band before the Clash and very cool).  No sooner were then on my iPod than they disappeared into his room!

All around a wonderful day proving again that I have the best kids in the world (just remind me of that next time I am ready to throw them overboard!)

:: Justin ::


Justin and his orange birthday cake

I was also served an amazing (orange of course) cake. Once the 42 candles were lit it turned into a bit of an inferno!