Having had folks from Dhaka here for a couple of months now, we are finally going to get a decent snow storm (a foot or so of it is being predicted for tomorrow).  Unfortunately I won’t be here to play!  Tahseen and I are headed to Delaware for a couple of days training with DDDS and it looks like  we’ll just get the southern edge of it.

Although Kara will be here for this storm, she and Sazzad are out to head out on their own adventure.  They are planning on being in Oregon next week and South and North Dakota the week after.  The trip really has many purposes:

  1. Introduce Kara and Sazzad to as many customers and potential customers as possible.
  2. Train and present on Therap 7.0
  3. Give Kara the opportunity to learn how our customers do business so that she can better support them.
  4. Give Sazzad the opportunity to learn more about the individual planning processes in place around the country as he starts to program them into Therap.
  5. Give them both the chance to experience the hospitality and beauty of Oregon and the Dakota’s that I have been lucky enough to enjoy.

If you’d like then to get in touch, please give us a call at the office or drop us an email

:: Justin ::