I have called Carlos Beltran a whole lot of expletives over the last few weeks as he seems to have made a habit of making outs with important runners in scoring position.

However this evening, he made up for a bunch of them with a quite remarkable catch in the bottom of the 14th inning in Houston.

They have this ridiculous hill in deep center-field which Beltran had to climb to catch a ball and keep the game going.

Having said that, it’s not looking good in the 15th…

:: Justin ::


Got to love the old 5-5-3 double play that takes a game to the 16th inning! Why do these games always happen in Houston?


My buddy Carlos is working his way into my good books with an RBI single in the top of the 17th! Maybe I’ll actually get to go to bed sometime soon! (Particularly with David Wright making it 5-3)


Mets win 5-3 in 17!