This morning, Iona and I dragged ourselves up to the Robotics Room at Wolcott High School for 7am to take the Team Max 1071 robot down to the Sikorsky Family Day at the Sikorsky plant in Stratford, CT.  We went along with Danica and Vern (who works there) to show off to Sikorsky employees and their families what they get for their very generous sponsorhip.

081011 Sikorsky Family Day (26) by you.

It was a tremendous day.  We were there along with the Gaelhawks from Shelton and CRASH from Cheshire who are also sponsored by Sikorsky.

Picture of Sikorsky
Not only did we show off the robots, we also had the chance to look around and see helicopters in all stages of manufacture as well as many others out on their airfiled.  Iona even got a chance to meet Sergie Sikorsky, son of founder and pioneer Igor Sikorsky.

Picture of Iona and Danica
Over all a tremendous day and Iona and Danica were great advocates for the FIRST program.

081011 Sikorsky Family Day (42) by you.

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