I think that Sajjadul dropped himself in hot water by letting slip on a call yesterday that he was testing Hab Plans.  Always wanting to play with new toys and also being very excited about this I begged Sazzad for a look.

Here’s what I saw:

If you are from New York, these will make perfect sense.  If not, then take a look and see if you would find them useful.

Once again, Sazzad and his team have exceeded all expectations!

Hab Plan FirstPage by you.

Starting on FirstPage, you’ll see that Hab Plans have their very own area (and set of roles).  The eagle-eyed amongst you may also have spotted the new stuff in the MAR box, I’ll show that off tomorrow!  As usual clicking on a screenshot will take you to my Flickr  account where you can see much more.

You can of course search for any Hab Plan that you have previously made:

Hab Plan Search by you.

As you can see, Hab Plans exist in the sames states as ISP (they will also have similar access roles).

Hab Plan 5 by you.

There is of course more…

Hab Plan 2 by you.

Including links to Servcies, Valued Outcomes and ISP Programs that are included in the ISP.

All of this has been based on conversations with numbers of our New York customers, for which we are vert grateful.

If you’d like to know or see more, be sure to give me a shout!

:: Justin ::