Sometime, talk to me about my theory on soccer and world peace…

Scotland are playing Italy, and rather than being at what sounds like an amazing Hampden (or any pub in Scotland) I’m watching Calum swim at Choate School in Wallingford, keeping up on things online.

Scotland got off to the worst possible start giving up a goal after just 2 minutes, but have been battling their way back. After 64 minutes, they equalized!

Still need a win to be able to qualify for Euro 2008, but a draw would see Scotland looking to a win by the Faroe Islands over Italy (impossible) or Ukraine over France (unlikely) later this week.

Elsewhere, unfortunately Israel are beating Russia (a win for Russia could see England eliminated!)

More Later

::Justin ::

Just 5 miutes left, still 1-1. Paris goal hero just missed what seemed like the chance to put Scotland through. Are we on the way to yet another glorious exit?

Update #2

Looks like it’s all over, Ital make it 2-1 in injury time.  Oh well…