Iona moving into CornellIona moving into CornellIona moving into CornellIona moving into Cornell


Last night Michele and I drove up to Ithaca (I’m getting good at that drive) and had my starting-to-get-traditional Ithaca Indian meal (there’s a great restaurant just down from the Holiday Inn).

This morning we drove up to the campus (very slowly as the traffic was more like rush hour Manhattan) to collect Iona who was returning from a week of hiking and climbing in the Catskills and took her to find her room.

Everyone around was very helpful and cheery and we moved all Iona’s stuff into her room (a very nice one it is too!) met her room mate and let her to do her thing.

We’re back tomorrow for a few introductory things, and then I think she kicks us out!

All very cool, and very, very exciting.

:: Justin ::