Another advantage of Therap showed up this week:

Iona and Calum are competing with each other to see who can have the highest temperature (Calum is winning hands down at the moment!). As a result, I’ve been working from home a lot this week, but thanks to the web and phones have had one of my busiest weeks of training and support. Which leads me to think, how many more productive days can be added thanks to Therap when clinical and supervisory staff have to be away from the office for similar reasons?

It’s only a game!

PAH! It’s only the biggest, most agonizing game I can ever remember! We are well into the countdown to the Hearts-Hibs Scottish Cup Semi Final. It kicks of at 7:15am Eastern Time on Sunday and the world will either be a beautiful place two hours later or I won’t be able to find a hole big enough to hide in!

The big trip:

On Sunday night Warren and I are heading out to Bangladesh. This time I’ll be flying there without a stop-over in Scotland. It’s a little wierd, I leave on Sunday and arrive on Tuesday (sorry Monday, guess we’ll have to do without you next week). I’m really excited about the trip, I’ll get to hook up again with colleagues and customers that I met last time and have continued to build working relationships with ever since. Ten days of brainstorming with Warren and others on our team will produce some spectacular results (and some brain-ache for Justin).

For Sue’s sake I will also check up on Sarwat’s cactus!

Back to the virtual thing, I will still be doing customer support and training from the Dhaka office, the only challenge will get getting the time zones straight!

:: Justin