As noted in the latest College of Direct Support Newsletter, now is the time to sign up for our next conference in Murfeesboro, TN.

Here’s what they had to say:

Therap, CDS Side-by-Side Conference II
Scheduled for April 28-30 in Tennessee

CDS staff members Annie Woodruff, left, and Donna Kosak

a successful first conference in Fall 2008, Therap and the College of Direct Support (CDS) will present their second joint training conference – “Side-by-Side Technology: Therap, CDS Training Conference II” – in Murfreesboro, TN on April 28-30 at the Doubletree Hotel.

Murfreesboro, the home of Middle Tennessee State University, is 30 minutes from the Nashville International Airport and approximately 40 minutes from Downtown Nashville.

The first conference in Overland Park, KS attracted 100 attendees that brought together two industry leaders in the field of utilizing
web-based technology to support people with developmental disabilities and educating and training a workforce to deliver the support services.

Therap Services, LLC, based in Waterbury, CT, is a web-based service organization that provides an integrated solution for documentation and communication needs of agencies providing support to people with disabilities, especially developmental disabilities. It offers an easy and efficient alternative to the immense amount of paperwork that is done manually by the care providers. Within a few years Therap has extended its services to satisfied users in over 30 states in the United States, as well as Bangladesh and Nepal.

CDS is an online learning management system and curriculum used to develop, educate and build careers for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).  CDS is currently being used in 36 states, Canada and Australia and has approximately 90,000 learners online at any one time of the day.  Also embedded in CDS is the College of Frontline supervision and Management used to train managers and those considering becoming supervisors.  CDS is a collaborative work of the University of Minnesota and Elsevier/Mc Strategies.  CDS is headquartered in Knoxville, TN, and its curriculum is developed by the University of Minnesota’s Institute on Community Integration.

“Our first conference was well received and proved to be very useful for both Therap and CDS clients,” said Richard Robbins, Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of Therap. “Clients of both found it interesting to see how our two products can be used side-by-side in making their operations more efficient and effective.”

The conference is open to current users of Therap and CDS and also to non-users who want to learn more about both organizations.  There will be break-out sessions for users of each company and sessions for those interested in using them side-by-side.

“This will offer an up-close and hands-on experience with our distinct and respective technologies as both companies work to offer state-of-the-art supports to our clients and prospective clients,” said Bill Tapp, National Director of CDS. “Our focus is on education and Therap’s focus is on documentation. What we both do is instrumental in
improving the lives of those people served and supported by our clients.”

Early bird registration for the three-day event is available for $150, and that includes the conference, materials and all meals.

The Doubletree Hotel is a Hilton Brand Hotel and the room group rate is $92 per night.  When calling for a reservation be sure to specify you will be with the Therap Group to get the conference room rate.  You can reach the Doubletree at 615-895-5555.

The conference will feature multiple interactive sessions and workshops focusing on the services provided by Therap and on the curriculum and the Learning Management System offered by CDS. There will be specific sessions for advanced users of both systems, for system administrators and for those who have not used CDS or Therap.

To learn more about the conference and register for the event, please visit and click on the “Conferences” link. For additional information, call 203.596.7553.