Well, funnily enough 7.2!

7.2 won’t be as big as 7.1 (7.1 actually ended up being a rather large release) and so should be available much sooner.

Here are a couple of things you may see in 7.2

Click on the images for a better view. As cool as these may look, they are just mock ups that we use in the early stages of design and development.

To see more, learn more, and give us your input, you’ll want to be at our conferences!

This consultation form is something we’ve been asked for a lot. Taking the information from an appointment, adding in pieces like medications and diagnoses and then printing them out on a nice PDF that you can take and have the doctor write on. If you want us to include things you have, be sure to send us a copy.

How about immunizations? Fill in the details here and end up with a nice report looking a bit like…

Pretty cool stuff eh!

All comments welcome!

Off to eat too much and drink too much!

:: Justin ::