This has been a great week with lots of people asking to learn more about our system and getting set up to use Therap. At the same time, we have had the latest Connecticut User Group and are getting 6.0 closer to release.

Unfortunately that is cut into my blogging time.

As I prepare for my trip to Montana, Oregon, and Arizona there are many things that I am looking forward to telling you folks about at the same time I tell you of my travels. These include (but are most definitely not limited to):

  1. Therap’s new Staff Support applications, starting with Training Management
  2. Many more new features in Therap 6.0
  3. Training and support available for Therap 6.0
  4. The customer centered beta testing process
  5. More about Mehrin and Sarwat’s visit
  6. Hearts ventures into the transfer market

So, hopefully over the coming days I will be able to keep you up to date with all these and more.

:: Justin