Well, another very fine Christmas is drawing to an end. Good food, good drinks, great kids, and an all around happy life!

That is apart from the blister on my thumb. Calum’s major present this year was a table tennis table. Apart from just about killing Michele and me carrying it in from the car, the (rather large) box bore the fateful words “some assembly required”.

What this meant in reality was about three hours this afternoon fighting my way through the instructions an a million screws an bolts. The end result (apart from the blister) was very well worth it. We now have a table tennis table in our basement (that even folds up when you are not using it). I was also very gratified to see just how much Calum (and Iona) enjoyed playing.

I won’t bother going through all Iona’s haul as she has already done that!. It should be noted though that I was able to install a Firewire card into our computer and get her camera talkign to it with remarkably little fuss.

Hopefully Calum will start to write soon too (hint, hint).

As for me, I’m off to snore!

Peace and goodwill!

:: Justin