Today we launched the latest version of our DSP on Plant Ehtpar video game. It’s really cool and you should really go and take a look.

Graphic showing Hand Washing and ISP/ISP Program Description

One of the interesting things about this version is that it introduces to you all a character you have probably heard about many times if you have attended live or web based Therap Training sessions: Mary Active.

Graphic showing Animated Character in Kitchen

The interesting question for us, is how do we represent Mary? Should she have an obvious disability? Should she use a wheelchair?

If we were to choose to have Mary use a wheelchair, would that be exploiting a stereotype, or recognizing the fact that a lot of the individuals whose data is recorded in Therap happen to use wheelchairs?

We also have to bear in mind that for the game player it should be easy and obvious to distinguish between characters in the games and what their roles are.

While I have always been a champion of People First Language and do my very best to police Therapville and enforce it, this is a new twist that I have never had to work with before.

We would really like to know what you think and it’s something we’ll be discussing both on our Forum and at our conferences, so please, let us know what you think.

:: Justin ::