Graphic announcing the release of Therap version 9.1


Now that things seem to be setting down in Therap 9.1 (he says hoping not to push his luck), I want to be sure that you are aware of some of the less obvious changes in there.

Some of these are functionality folks have been asking for, others are things that make the system smoother and happier for everyone.

In T-Logs for example, the maximum duration for T-Log Count Expiration is now 30 days.  There were a few folks who had set it to longer, but I couldn’t come up with a decent reason for why someone should be being notified constantly about a T-Log written more than a month ago.  If you can tell me why, I’d be delighted to know!

T-Log searches based on read status are now limited to a month, other T-Log searches stay as they are.

IDF Roles and IPOP Roles are now separate so you can decide who does what.

When you chnage an individual’s status to “Discharged”, they remain enrolled in their programs until you remove them.  However, only users with the specific ability can enter new data on them.  We are looking at the way post-discharge access works.  It’s a little complicated at the moment as some modules are individual based while others are program based.  We hope to move them all to being individual based in the future which will make everything much easier.  We’re also looking to allow stricter controls over some of the key IDF fields.  Watch this space.

:: Justin ::