As promised, we’ve been looking at making some enhancements to the look and functionality of T-Logs.

The new look shown below should come out quite soon, the goal is to make things quicker and easier for you and your staff as well as enhancing performance.

This is a mock-up of the full T-Log entry page

Screenshot of Create T-Log Entry page.

For quick entry:

Screenshot of Create T-Log Entry page.

Let me know what you think.

For the longer term (after 8.1) we are looking to redo the way that T-Log follow ups work.  As you know, a follow up T-Log is really just a brand new T-Log that is linked to the previous one.  Our new plan makes follow ups actually be part of the original T-Log and Show up on the same page.  Something like:

Screenshot of new T-Log look.

Pretty cool huh!

What is even more exciting is a proposal to keep the linking process, but expand it beyond just T-Logs!

Let me know what you thing, and to find out more, just make sure that you are in Fishkill, NY in a couple of weeks!

:: Justin ::