One of the funny things I have discovered over the years is that home is wherever I am not! When I am in the US I talk about going home for a vacation (to Scotland). Then, when I am here in the UK I will talk about going home to Connecticut – very strange!

Each time I come back here, I am reminded of what a great place Edinburgh is. Sure, like anywhere else it has its problems, but these are mainly due to the poor management and even worse politicians that impact most towns and cities. But it has so much going for it in terms of character, culture, architecture, and scenery that the bad is easily overcome.

Edinburgh is blessed by a great location. With the Firth of Forth on one side and the Pentland Hills on the other it really can’t get too much bigger (Edinburgh has a population of about half a million). Then stuck in the middle are Arthur’s Seat and the Castle Rock (I could go on for ages about the development of Edinburgh over the centuries, but it’s probably easier just to read this).

Like any good city, Edinburgh has it’s own unique communities. I feel like I belong very much to the western side of the city and to the Gorgie-Dalry area in particular. Within this, my parents now live in a great little sub-community known as the Shandon Colonies. I’m sure the development I live in in Wolcott, CT won’t look so good when it’s 120+ years old!

Today I am catching up on some work while my kids are out with my parents (Iona is under instructions to take some blog pictures) and then I’m off to have dinner with an old friend who is getting married next week and I’m lucky enough to be able to be here and join in!

Before then though will come the most exciting part of this journey. Tomorrow I leave from Edinburgh and get on a plane to London where I change planes for Bangladesh! I am going to be spending about a week there meeting with some providers who hope to use the Therap system and some of the people I have been working with over the past months. Much, much more on this trip to come!

— Justin