Apart from the fact that my own isn’t up to much today due to some dreaded lurgi or other, I thought it might be interesting (at least to me) to take a look at Therap’s performance (as opposed to Kara and Sazzad who are probably more concerned with how various forms of transport perform in the snow).

Funny little aside here:  While Sazzad and Tahseen are freezing over here, I am heading out to Bangladesh on Wednesday night! :-)

When we talk about performance in Therapville, we (and you) are generally talking about how long it takes for the next page to turn up after you click on a button or link.  This is dependent on a number of things, some of which we are in control of, some of which you are in control of, and some of which are just out there somewhere.

Things that impact performance:

  1. Our servers – we are in the middle of some significant upgrades to our hardware and  infrastructure.  A major part of which was completed this past weekend and even more will be doen next weekend.
  2. Our application – since the release of Therap 7.0 we have done a lot of optimization in the coding of some of our most complex queries and searches.  This has proved to have significant positive effects on the system.
  3. What you Search for – big broad searches take a lot more time and if too many people are doing them at once can spoil the party for everyone.  The more you define your search, the quicker you will get your results and the happier everyone will be.
  4. How you search – if you try and do multiple things at once … you can’t!  you used to be able to, but now you have to finish one thing before doing the next.  This is when you may see the infamous processing screen.  Again, this has had a very positive impact on performance.
  5. Other stuff (disturbances in The Force) – We have had several issues where customers have reported significant performance problems and after investigations have come up with scenarios as varied as router firmware being updated, connections being down in Louisiana (or somesuch when the customer was in Arizona and we were in Therapville), updates to Windows creating incompatibilities elsewhere, etc, etc

The end result of this is that if you think you are having problems, please let us know so we can work together to find out where the issue is

:: Jsutin ::