We have had quite a remarkable week here in Therapville.

We’ve had five user group meetings up and down the East Coast, we welcomed Stephen to the fold, and we have continued to add new customers across the country (and in Canada).

The User Groups have been particularly good.  With Sazzad and Asif here to learn even more about ISPs, IEPs, ELPs, Hab Plans, and billing there have been some pretty intense conversations going on as we continue to make Therap a better and better product.  We are especially excited about providers who are working together to share data through Therap.

At the same time though, we have worked out that the were elements of the 8.1 release that we did not handle very well. As Chief Operating Officer, responsibility for that falls squarely on my shoulders.

There were three areas in particular that we didn’t do a good enough job of either in usability testing or communicating how the changes would work.

The most grievous of these was the way that we split roles into those that relate to a caseload and those that give access to an agency-wide feature.  In this case, though the chnage is good and useful, we didn’t explain properly what we were doing, analyze the impact on our users and the interface that we presented isn’t particularly friendly.  There were similar (and actually related) issues with the update of TMS and the new functionality in Parent-Child accounts (used by States like Delaware and multi-state providers like ResCare).

Part of being a rapidly growing company like Therap is the challenge of meetings our customers requests for new features while maintaining the quality of the system and support that our customers quite rightly expect and demand.  In this case we most definitely fell short.

In response to this, we are doing a few things:

Firstly, I am appologizing to anyone and everyone that was adversely impacted by these changes. 

Secondly, we are working hard to make sure that we provide appropriate support materials to guide you through the changes. 

Thirdly, we are working hard to update the interfaces and processes that have been causing confusion and frustration.

Finally, I am in the process of conducting a full review of how our release processes impact our users so that we can put in place procedures that will prevent similar occurences in the future while not slowing down our development of new and enhanced features.  I can’t guarantee that we will never screw up again (in fact I can probably guarantee that we will), but what we will do is face up to our mistakes and do everything that we can to learn from them and provide you with the very best system and support that we possibly can. 

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for what we can do to help you support your staff and consumers better, please do not hesitate to either post them in “Therap Ideas” for general discussion or you can contact me directly.

This is a really exciting time to be part of the Therap community, we are establishing ourselves as the national leader for electronic documentation and we have a host of increadible innovations coming your way.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.

:: Justin ::