This is one of those modules that you are either going to think is the greatest thing since T-Logs or you are going to wonder what the point is.  Which camp you fall into will most likely depend completely on which state you work in.  Folks in places like Maine, Ohio, and Indiana should really like this.

The basic goal is to allow you to easily record in real time what the ratios of staff to individuals are in a given program on any day.

This is an agency wide module, so it is not filtered by caseload (hence it showing on the agency tab).

Staff Ratio - Dashboard

You start off by making a template.  A template is just a list of the staff and individuals who will be available for selection on the data collection screen.  You can create as many templates as you need. ( you can click on the screenshots to make them bigger).

Staff Ratio - Template


You can then enter the ins and outs for all of these folks (including multiples in a day) as they happen:

Staff Ratio - Attendance

And that is basically it.  All very quick and easy.  It works especially well on tablets.

Where it really shines is when you look at reports.  Firstly a report of what the ratios were for the day:

Staff Ratio - Ratio Report

Or a list of either staff or individual time:

Staff Ratio - Detail

If this looks like something that might be of interest to you, why not get in touch and ask us to turn it on in beta so that you can take it for a test drive.

:: Justin ::