One of the things we spent a lot of time talking about over the last week is what our security/permissions scheme will look like over the coming years.

With all the work we are doing on oversight, sharing, and module interaction we need to make sure that it is simple, straight forward, understandable and consistent.

Our goal with this is that the same role basically does the same thing in each module, as do the same combinations.

We also want to simplify the management of roles and caseloads.

One of the concepts we are looking at for this is a “Security Profile”.  In todays words, a security profile would be the combination of one Super Role and one Caseload.

Our sense is that folks can do anything they need for an aspect of their job with one Security Profile.

However, often people do multiple jobs (for example, I am a DSP at Main Street Group Home but also on call for several others; or I am Director of Nursing but also have my ownprimary nurse caseload) this structure would allow you to switch Security Profiles so that you could look at Therap from either perspective, one at a time.

How do you think this would impact your Therap use?

:: Justin ::