One of the things that makes Therap as powerful as it is is the way that we communicate all the latest information to all of your staff at once.

However, sometimes there are times when you want to see a form not in it’s latest version with all the latest updates but as it was at the time that the form was approved.

This is particularly the case with plans and most notably ISP Plans.  Think about all the elements of an ISP Plan that are inherited from other forms (such as the IDF).  What if these change on the IDF, should they change on the ISP Plan?  What if a linked IPOP or ISP Program changes?  Should the ISP Plan link to the old one or the new one?

The answer to these questions (as it is to most things) is “It depends”.  For the answer to the rest of life’s questions either consult Mr. Asquith or go with 42!

What we are doing in our 2012.0 release is pretty close to the perfect solution.

We are introducing the concept of Approved(static) forms and Approved(dynamic form).

In essence it is quite simple…


A static document is the document as is was at the time that it was approved or last updated

(I’ll get into updating a little more later) 

A dynamic document is the last static document where all the embeded and linked data is live based on the source documents.

As you start to look at the documents  and the various versions and links that we give you you may find your self getting a little tied up in knots.  Don’t worry, it happens (and happened to us a bunch of times as we worked all this out).  If you come back to the two bold statements above, it will all make sense.

You still have a lot of flexibility as to how you use this new funtionality and workflow.  One of the major options you have is when and how you use the Update role.  If you prefer to have an original approved document that can never be changed (as some people do) then just don’t give out the update role.  Then whenever a change needs to be made, the existing form can be copied (the copy will always be of the latest dynamic document) and worked on.

If on the other hand you want to retain the ability to fix mistakes and such like, then use the update feature knowing that it will create a new stapshot which will become the standard view for that document.  We will though add another link so that you can always go back to the document as it was originally approved.

Any time you are making significant changes you should be copying the existing one so it can go through the approval process.

Also, see my earlier post on live data in places like Med History and ISP Programs.

If you haven’t checked this out, log into our beta realease at

You can also read much more in the 2012.0 release notes.

:: Justin ::