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I love my PSP!

I read in PSP Updates that Sony is going to be bringing out a new upgrade to the firmware (operating system) for the Play Station Portable. This will include a web-browser which will be very cool – I wonder how Therap will work on it – I’ll be sure to let everyone know on August 12th!

World Wide Customer Support

One of the remarkable things about this trip has been that whether I was in Edinburgh, Dhaka, or points in-between, I have still been able to keep up with customer support and contact via email, phone, and recently (and every effectively) VOIP (Voice over internet protocol).

So next time you get a call or email from me, be sure to check where I am!

5.2 looking good!

I am starting to get some glimpses and early testing of 5.2 and it is looking very exciting. The big enhancements will be Export to Excel options all over the place and when working in a Health Tracking module, if that form has been changed at any time, the will be a link on th epage telling you how many times it has been updated. Clicking on the link will allow you to see all the previous versions of the form along with who changed them and when – no more telling people no to use White-Out!

— Justin