What a day!

This morning started tragically, watching Hearts lose 3-2 in the Scottish League Cup final.  Not good watching at all (at least after the first 30 minutes or so).  The less said about the whole experience the better.

After that though it just got better and better.  I am here in Pasadena with Iona to check it out and hopefully find her somewhere to live when she comes here this summer to intern at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


We had a couple of places to look at today (both of which seem great with awesome roommates) but have a couple of hours to spare. In typical Justin-travel style I said, see those hills, let’s see if we can get to the top!  And we did!  We ended up all the way up at the Mount Wilson laboratory (which we learned later was where Hubble (of telescope fame) did his thing in working out that there are lots of galaxies out there).  It was an increadible drive with outrageous views.


After we did our realty thing, we took a quick trip to the Griffith Observatory.  What a treasure.  With a view of the stars (and the Hollywood sign) and some great exhibits, if you are ever in LA, don’t miss it!

:: Justin ::