Over the weekend we released an update that hopefully made things a bit easier wiith our new Super Role Configuration.

Firstly it is now easier to see which are the Caseload Based roles:

Screenshot of Create New Super Role page for Caseload based type

And which are the agency wide ones:

Screenshot of Create New Super Role page for agency wide type

Also note the handy little bit of help text.

In order to help you clean up your Super Role List, you can now delete Super Roles.  If the Super Role has been applied to some users, you will receive a warning like this: (very similar to the one you get when deleting Caseloads)

screenshot showing how to delete super role by select the User name on 'Delete Super Role' page.

The only SuperRoles that you won’t be able to delete are ones that have been used by people when sending SComms (in the select recipient box).  This constraint will be removed though when we release Therap 8.2 thanks to some magic conjured up by Shawon and his team.

Any questions, be sure to get in touch.

:: Justin ::