It has been an amazing couple of days here in Connecticut…

From a Therap perspective, basically everything has carried on as normal apart from the fact our office/IP phones aren’t working.  One of the joys of having such a distributed support network is that it is very difficult for everyone to be knocked out by one event.

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Here in my town, there are just a few things that still have power, the essentials for life such as Dunkin Donuts and Cumberland Farms (gas station/convenience store) and The Wolcott Center – a day program run by PrimeCare who were nice enough to let Stephen and me use a desk, some power, and an internet connection – thanks Moe!

Cumby’s ran out of gas yesterday.  I was watching this morning as the tanker pulled up to deliver.  Before the delivery was complete there were already lines up the street.


At home, we have been doing pretty well, but it was starting to get chilly after a couple of days with no heat and Siraya is not a fan of the cold.  We were looking at a couple of choices: 1. Move to a hotel (hard to find one as they are full of workers from out of state reparing the power lines and Siraya is a bit tricky to travel with due to the amount of equipment she has) or 2. Get a generator (next to impossible at a time like this)

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So Michele went to our local hardware store and asked if they had any to which the answer was, as expected, “Sorry, no”.  Then they met Siraya and said “Ah, we have one out back that would be perfect for you”.  Rule to remember: Always use your local independent hardware store, and always have a cute kid with you! (I can’t express our gratitude enough to the folks at Raymond’s Lumber in Wolcott, CT).


Now with the generator running, we have some light, and Siraya has a warm room with a bed that goes up and down!  We also have other essentials back like phone and internet!

You may well be wondering why a state like Connecticut should have 70% of its homes lose power.  Good question!  Basically we have too many trees!  Actually the real problem was a major snow storm while there were still leaves on the trees.  The previous record for an October snow storm was 1.5″ while this one was 20″!

It’s crazy and they say that many folks may not get their power back for a week or more!

:: Justin ::