One of the major goals of mosts websites and web applications is to have users spend as much time as possible on the website.

For obvious reasons, that is almost the opposite of what we are trying to achieve.  Our goal is to get people in and out as quickly as possible finding out what they need to know and doing their documentation as quickly and as accurately as possible before getting back to the heart of their job: spending time providing supports to people with disabilities.  This means that every time that we come up with a new concept like T-Girl or Therap Ideas we have to consider what impact this is going to hav on our users time.

It also makes it a real challenge to get across to customers what the latest features and updates are and how they can make the most of it.  While in some senses we would love you all to spend all day on our blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Ideas, and Live Help, you are probably not going to get much work done!  So we will continue to try and walk that thin line, hopefully getting it right most of the time.  Be sure to let us know if we don’t!

It is the same when we add in new functionality like the Rich Text Formatting in SComm and ISP Plans.  We deliberately did not go all the way and add lots of colours, fonts, smilies and such as we felt that they would detract from the purpose of the document.  However, when you are writing in a 30,000 text box, you really need to be able to identify headings and such.  This does make pasting from somewhere like Word where you have endless options slightly tricky.  You’ve probably noticed us go through a few iterations already since we brought out 8.7 on Sunday.

In all this, your input is invaluable.  Whether in person, via email, feedback, or ideas.  There is no way we can get it right unless you tell us what you think.

To celebrate this I hope to have a very exciting announcement soon about an award we will be giving out just for giving feedback.

Of course, the ultimate place to do this is in Fishkill, NY!

:: Justin ::

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