Today was the Connecticut Class S High School Swimming Championships at Weslyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.

We headed down there with the whole of the Wolcott team sitting in the front seat of the car (that would be Calum! – he and another boy are from the high school swim with Crosby High School in Waterbury during the season, but get to compete as Wolcott in the championships.

Calum did really well, he was in the penultimate heat in both the 50 and 100 freestyle and won both of them in new personal best times.  We are really grateful to all the folks who had to put things together to enable to do high school swimming (it really does get rather complicated when multiple schools are involved) and especially to Coach Monroe of Wolcott and Coaches Galvin and Tansley of Crosby.

Interesting that given the layout of the pool, the coaches weren’t able to tell the kids which direction to swim in, I don’t know how they coped!

Calum in swimming pool Participants Swimming Participants Diving Participants getting Ready to Dive Swimming Pool Participants and Referees

:: Justin ::